Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

Rozin LED Light 20-inch Rainfall Shower Head Ceiling Mounted Overhead Sprayer Chrome Finish

Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

A ceiling mounted rain shower head can be an excellent source of refreshment and an important upgrade to any bathroom. There is no better substitute for creating a spa-like shower experience at home than a rain showerhead.

There is also no better way to wake up, than by getting out of bed every morning and letting the hot water from the rain showerhead awake your senses.

In addition to rain showers, the LED color showerheads are one of the coolest products available on the market. The rain shower gives you a feeling of a relaxing atmosphere and the real feeling of being under a rainfall outside.  Mixing that with LED lighting is a chance to improve your shower to the ultimate in luxury. 

One of the LED color showerhead with the rainfall function available on Amazon is the Rozin LED Light 20-inch Rainfall Shower Head Ceiling Mounted Overhead Sprayer Chrome Finish.  This showerhead comes in several different dimensions, such as an 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch and a 20-inch for a wide range of water coverage areas to fit your preferences and shower size.

Rozin Rainfall Showerhead Features

This showerhead by Rozin is made with quality brass to ensure long lasting durability, with a chrome finish for an elegant and modern look.

Given that this rainfall showerhead is 20 inches wide, it has one of the widest coverage areas on the market for rain showerheads.  It is also perfect for partners since two people can easily fit under the showerhead. It has four mounting bars ensuring a stable and secure mount to the ceiling.  This ensures no injuries will occur while standing underneath this massive rainfall showerhead.

This showerhead also attaches easily to standard household plumbing thanks to its conventional 1/2 inch threaded shower arm connection.

The Rozin Bathroom 20 Inch Rain Shower Head LED lights operates through the flow of water so there is no need to worry about batteries.  If you have never stood underneath the warm glow of LED lights while taking a shower you really don’t know what your missing.  There is just something about LED lighting in a shower that adds an ultra luxurious and relaxing feel to your shower.

Another advantage of Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head is how simple it is to set up and use; you get an extensive kit with all the ceiling mounting components.  A word of warning though on this showerhead, it does require a ceiling mount so it’s best to leave this installation to a professional plumber unless you really know what you’re doing when it comes to plumbing. This ceiling mounted shower head is not a good fit for the weekend warrior.


  • Quiet operation
  • Wide water coverage that fits more than one person
  • Mimics real rainfall
  • Solid Construction
  • LED Lighting


  • Hard to achieve to clean
  • Plumbing through the ceiling can be a huge task
  • Consumes a lot of water during operation

Rozin Rainfall Showerhead Sizes

    • 8-Inch
    • 10-Inch
    • 12×12 Inches
    • 16-Inch
    • 20 Inch

While the smaller rain showerheads are nice and definitely get the job done. We really like the Rozin Rainfall Showerhead 20 inch model because it looks magnificent, offers a huge water coverage area and the LED colors on this one are stunning.

It is a great choice if you have a large bathroom and want to transform it into a luxurious spa-like retreat.

Why LED Showerheads?

You might ask, why should I buy a led showerhead instead of a standard one? Well, it all comes down to personal choice, but I would say that LED showerheads make a great addition to any bathroom for several reasons.

They Look Cool

LED Showerheads look awesome from every angle. If you have never seen a LED showerhead with your own eyes before just picture standing underneath cascading warm water lit by the warm and enveloping glow of LED light.

Great for Kids

If you have children, you know the struggle of bathtime. LED showerheads can transform a dreaded struggle into a pleasant delight.  You might even be surprised to find your kids coming up to you asking to take a shower because LED lighting just makes bath time fun!

Impress Guests

If you have guests stay with you, you can guarantee that your Rainfall LED showerhead is sure to come up in conversation once they have experienced it.

Luxurious Look

LED Showers provide a high high-end luxurious look to any shower or bathroom they are installed in.  For less money than you think an LED shower head can turn your boring tired bathroom into a spa-like luxurious high-end retreat.

Small Cost Difference

There is usually very little cost difference between an LED showerhead and a standard one. So instead of picking a boring standard showerhead, why not give an LED showerhead a try.  What do you have to loose?


If you have read this far, I would, first, like to thank you for reading the whole review.  Hopefully, I helped make your mind up about buying the Rozin Bathroom 20 Inch LED Rain Shower Head, it really is a unique and we’ll built showerhead, not like any other rainfall shower head on the market.

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