Best Shower Head The Votamuta LED Color Rainfall shower head

Votamuta Wall Mounted 12-Inc LED Rainfall Shower Head

If you’re a fan of the rainfall shower experience. You definitely need to take a look at the Votamuta LED Color Rainfall shower head. This rain shower head provides the best in shower experience and sensation.

This showerhead also includes an LED lighting element which helps to bring a splash of color to your shower.  The addition of LED lighting to the shower is a new feature that has a lot of people excited.  Afterall adding colored LED lighting to almost anything seems to somehow instantly improve the fun and enjoyment of the product.

What is a Rainfall shower?

What exactly is a Rainfall shower? The rainfall shower provides you with an outdoor rain shower experience by mimicking an actual outdoor rain shower. Unlike regular shower heads, the rainfall shower is usually installed directly overhead allowing the water to fully encapsulate you.

One advantage of many with the rainfall shower head is they typically come with several water spray options.  Allowing you to choose between a strong massage shower or a gentle rainfall depending on your mood.  In fact, the adjustability of the rainfall shower head actually gives you the feeling that you have two showers in one.

Votamuta Wall Mounted 12-Inc LED Rainfall Shower Head Another advantage is the innovative look a rainfall shower head can bring to your shower and bathroom. These shower head models are normally designed to look very contemporary and minimalist with either rectangular or round head designs.

A note on installation though, make sure you pre-measure where you will be installing the rainfall shower head as they tend to be larger than normal heads.  Also, it’s a good idea to have a good understanding of your houses plumbing needs and requirements for the installation.

Once the installation is complete though your shower and bathroom are sure to look like a million bucks.


Votamuta LED Color Rainfall Shower Head

The advantage of the Votamuta LED color rainfall shower head is that they have taken two new and exiting shower technologies and combined them into one polished and sophisticated package.  With the combination of Votamuta’s LED lighting and rainfall shower feature, this shower head is sure to turn heads and impress anyone that has the privilege to stand underneath it while taking a shower.

Votamuta even tried to provide an easier installation by allowing this model to mount from the wall. Instead of the ceiling like most rainfall showers.  This model available through Amazon has a shower head that measures around 22 inches and comes with a hand shower hose 59 inches in length.  The Votamuta LED Color Rainfall shower head comes with an oil rubbed bronze finish and a ceramic valve type ensuring that this shower head will feel at home an match any bathroom decor.

Votamuta LED Color Rainfall Shower HeadYou might be asking how the LED lighting works on this shower head model.  The LED lights are powered in the Votamuta shower head through the water pressure that passes through the head.  So there is no need to worry about messing with electricity or batteries to light up this rainfall shower.

A unique feature of the Votomuta LED rainfall shower head is its ability to change between red, blue, and green lighting depending on the temperature of the water.  Blue indicates cold water, green indicates mild water, and red indicates hot water.

Although this product doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon the reviews it does have all give it high remarks.  It also comes with a solid warranty assured by Votamuta.

Shower Safety and LED Lighting

You might be wondering about any potential dangers that might exist by powering LED lights in your shower head.  Well, there is no cause for concern as the amount of wattage produced by running water through a small turbine is very low. Eliminating the need to worry about any electrical shock.


The Votamuta LED rainfall shower head brings a luxurious and higher-end experience to any shower or bathroom.

The only problem you might encounter is jealous neighbors trying to come over to sneak a shower under the Votamuta rainfall shower head.

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