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Rozin Shower Head LED Color Changing Rainfall

Two of the most in demand and trendiest shower features on the market today are the rainfall shower head and the LED color shower head. As opposed to the boring standard shower head. The rain shower head gives you an enveloping whole body experience while standing under the shower.  Because of the high wall or ceiling mount of the rain shower head, it provides a more natural rain shower or waterfall experience.  The first time people enjoy a rainfall shower head they usually can’t stop raving about it. Stating they can’t imagine ever going back to a standard shower head.

Adding LED lighting to the shower just takes it up another notch in enjoyment and luxury.  Colors and lighting have the ability to alter our mood.  So what better way to further enhance the relaxing properties of a shower after a long hard day then by adding a warm glow of light to your shower.

How do LED color shower head works?

Forget about batteries, most LED showers are usually powered by the running water. The water runs through a small turbine inside the shower head creating just enough energy to light up low wattage LED lights.

Although there are some cheaper made battery powered option on the market.  We would advise you to avoid these lesser quality shower heads.   To avoid the hassle and frustration involved in changing out the batteries everytime the batteries die.

LED shower heads function just like any other shower head. Its best just to think of the LED lighting as a feature of the shower head.

The changing colors can also vary from one model to the next. Some LED shower heads are temperature sensitive, meaning they change color according to the water temperature.  Other LED showers change the colors randomly and can even be controlled by a remote control.  How you prefer you LED lights to work really comes down to personal preference.  However, a lot of people really like the temperature sensitive color changing experience because of its dynamic and vibrant feel.



Despite what some people might think, the LED shower heads are not dangerous at all. The power produced in these shower heads is extremely low, so the possibility of suffering an electric shock is basically nill.

Rozin Shower Head LED Color Changing Rainfall

Rozin 2-way Mixer LED Changing Color 8" Rainfall Showerhead with Tub Spout One of the most popular LED shower heads with the rainfall feature available on Amazon is the Rozin 20 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Head LED Changing Color Rainfall with Top Sprayer. This shower head by Rozin is offered in several different sizes including an 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20-inch model.  By providing several different sizes, Rozin has made sure that no matter what your shower size is or needs are. They are sure to have a shower head to fit your needs.

The Rozin shower head LED lights are powered by the running water so there is no need for batteries. The colors also change according to the water’s temperature. The usual settings are blue indicates cold water, green indicates moderate temperature, red indicates hot water and flashing red indicates very hot water.

The fact that the color changes according to the water temperature is actually an excellent safety feature, especially if you have smaller children.  As the lights provide a visual warning of the water’s temperature preventing potential burns or scolding from hot water.

The Rozin shower head with LED color lighting is easy to install and use. It comes with a complete kit with all the ceiling mount accessories needed. Keep in mind though you will more than likely need a professional plumber depending on your DIY skills because of the ceiling mount requirement of this unit.

The product has a good feel to it and seems very well constructed.  With its unique design, this model from Rozin is built with stainless steel and brushed nickel and weights 18.2 pounds.

Its reviews on Amazon are outstanding with numerous high ratings.  Ensuring that if you pick this LED rainfall shower head you should be more than satisfied.

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