Best Shower Head Reviews The Moen 8343 Two-Handle Transfer Tub Shower with Handheld Showerhead Set

Moen Commercial Two-Handle PosiTemp Showerhead & Handheld Showerhead

If you’re looking for a practical and versatile shower for your home and bathroom. The Moen commercial grade two-handle transfer tub shower with handheld showerhead set is one of the best options currently on the market.

There are many outstanding reviews and high ratings on Amazon for this shower head, showing the quality Moen puts into their products.  Moen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of showerheads. They also offer a 5-year limited warranty for the 8343 Two-handle showerhead model. Helping to give you peace of mind in knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their products.  The company also provides a website and phone number for customer service and additional information if needed.

The Moen 8343 was specially designed by Moen Commercial engineers and designers. With the goal of building a versatile shower that suits many different scenarios that would still hold up to commercial use.  They definitely succeeded with this shower head and faucet as it has high marks for both durability and versatility.

The Moen commercial two-handle transfer tub shower with handheld showerhead set provides solid water pressure and an easy temperature control knob. The model includes the main showerhead, an adjustable handheld shower measuring 30-inch, and a 69-inch double interlock spiral metal hose that ensures ample length. It also includes a wall bracket shower wand rests so that you can easily adjust to the perfect height letting the shower head also be hands-free.



Since you have two showers in one, this model provides you with multiple shower options.  The fixed mount showerhead can deliver both a full spray for a luxurious shower experience or a gentle shower pressure if that better matches your mood. But both showerheads deliver up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute to ensure an excellent shower experience. This showerhead kit also includes tub padding for showers with bathtubs.

What’s included?

Check out what the complete kit includes

  • PosiTemp Pressure-balancing Valve
  • Two Lever Handles
  • One Standard Showerhead
  • One Hand Showerhead
  • 30-inch Slide Bar
  • Drop Ell
  • 69-inch Metal Hose
  • Tub Filler
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Chrome Tub Spout


Moen 8343 Two-Handle Transfer Tub Shower with Handheld Showerhead Set – Additional Features

Pause Button for Water Flow

Moen Commercial Two-Handle PosiTemp Showerhead & Handheld ShowerheadA very unique feature of this shower combo set is its pause button.  This feature allows you to temporarily slow the flow of water with the press of a button.  And then return the water pressure to full pressure with another press of the button.  This is a great water saving feature that can not only help your pocketbook but also the planet.

A real World scenario for this ingenious pause button would be to slow the water flow while you were lathering up.  Then return the water pressure back to normal when you’re ready to rinse off.

PosiTemp Valve Maintains Consistent Water Temperature

The Moen valve system provides an ample amount of water to help ensure a consistent and even water temperature while showering.  As an added bonus it also allows you to set the maximum temperature setting during the installation of the shower set.


There is no need to worry about the design and finish of this shower head.  The Moen Commercial two-handle showerhead set is available in a highly reflective chrome finish. Its mirror-like quality finish adds to its modern design and makes it very easy to clean.

The addition of this tub/shower combo set is sure to brighten up and modernize any bathroom and shower that its a part of.

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