Installing 2 Shower Heads on One Valve

2 shower heads on one valve

If your looking to upgrade your shower experience, one common improvement that can be made is to add a second shower head.  While you might think adding a second shower head would be an expensive and drawn-out process requiring a professional plumber and weeks of inconvenience.  The truth is adding a second shower head can actually be a simple and quick addition to any shower.  The key to this pain-free shower upgrade is to install 2 shower heads on one valve.


2 Shower Heads on One Valve Options

There are three main options for two shower heads on one shower valve including a double outlet shower manifold, a handheld showerhead with an added fixed mount shower head, or two fixed-mount shower heads.  Let’s take a look at these three options below.

Double Outlet Shower Manifold

KES ALL BRASS Shower Head Double Outlet Manifold for Dual Sprayer Showering SystemA double outlet shower manifold such as the KES ALL BRASS Shower Head Double Outlet Manifold attaches directly onto your existing shower arm and features two outlets.  These dual outlets allow two separate shower heads to be installed on one shower arm.  Double outlet manifolds come in many different configurations and finishes to allow for varying shower situations or needs.

The advantage of the double outlet shower manifold is customization.  The shower manifold allows you to choose specific types of shower heads for their features and water pressure as opposed to being stuck with the manufacturer’s choices.

Handheld Shower Head with Added Fixed-Mount Shower Head

AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower ComboAnother great option for 2 shower heads on one valve, if you’re looking for a more out of the box solution is the handheld showerhead with added fixed-mount shower head.  This option not only gives you two separate shower heads but also the added bonus of having a handheld showerhead for those hard to reach places like the AquaDance 7 Inch Premium High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower.

Handheld shower heads with an additional fixed-mount showerhead can vary a great deal.  Many of these shower heads have different spray options, can feature a rain shower head,  and allow one or both shower heads to be on at the same time.  

Two Fixed-Mount Shower Heads

Waterpik AAD-773T DualSpray 2-in-1 Adjustable Rain Shower HeadThe last option for 2 shower heads on one valve are shower heads that offer two fixed-mount shower heads such as the Waterpik AAD-773T DualSpray 2-in-1 Adjustable Rain Shower Head.

This option is similar to the handheld shower option but instead of having one of the shower heads as a handheld both shower heads are fixed-mount.   This can be a great choice for those that want to experience two shower heads but don’t want or need a handheld option.  By removing the handheld showerhead option you end up with a much more simple and compact shower head design.  


2 shower heads

Advantages of 2 Shower Heads on One Valve

  • Allows two people to take a shower at the same time.
  • Creates a luxurious spa-like shower experience while at home.
  • Provides additional shower options.
  • Allows for easy installation of two shower heads that does not require a professional plumber or major remodel.
  • Allows for the potential addition of a handheld showerhead.  

Installing 2 Shower Heads on One Valve

While the installation of a dual shower head will vary slightly depending on which of the three above options you choose, for the most part, the installation is very similar.

To begin with, you want to remove the existing shower head from the shower arm.  To remove the old shower head all you need to do is unscrew the shower head from the shower arm.  You will more than likely need to use a couple pairs of pliers or channel locks to apply enough pressure.  Remember to add a piece of cloth between the tools and the plumbing fixtures to prevent damage or scratching.

Once the shower head is removed you want to clean up the threads at the end of the shower arm before installing the new shower head.  Make sure to remove any old Teflon tape or pipe dope from the threads.

Teflon TapeAfter the shower arm threads have been cleaned you want to add new Teflon tape like this one from Amazon to the threads before you install the new dual shower head.  Teflon tape is added to the shower arm threads to prevent any leaks between the shower head and shower arm.

Once the Teflon tape has been applied you are ready to install your 2 shower heads.  As mentioned above the process may vary slightly but you want to screw on your new shower head to the shower arm again using a pair of pliers or channel locks to make sure that you have a firm grip on both the shower head and arm.  Don’t forget to place a piece of cloth between the tool and metal to prevent damage or scratching on your brand new shower head or shower arm.


shower glass

Two Shower Heads on One Valve Conclusion

Adding two shower heads can be a simple and fun upgrade to any standard boring shower head.

We hope we have shown you just how easy it can be, to add 2 shower heads on one valve regardless of your DIY skills.  With just a few basic tools and less than an hour of your time, you can be enjoying a luxurious dual shower head experience while at home.

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